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Landscapes- Peel Stick and Stitch Hand Embroidery Patterns

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My Peel, Stick, and Stitch embroidery designs are perfect for adding landscape designs to your life. Whether you want to add embroidery to a shirt, a jacket, or leave them displayed in a hoop, these designs are the perfect compliment. This kit is designed for those who already have many sewing supplies and love choosing their own colors. Each kit comes with 4 different landscape designs.

• 4 illustrated landscape peel, stick, and stitch designs- 2 desert and 2 pacific northwest inspired designs
• Designs are single use and water soluble
• Directions on how to transfer your designs

Suggested materials to complete your project, inspiration, and project ideas can be found on the mcreativej blog.

Customer Reviews

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Just started my first one with this!

Just started my first one with this! Definitely a learning curve using the stick and stitch method as it’s a little harder to get the needle through but it is so awesome to have a method that gives me an outline/pattern to folllow! Absolutely love this and will buy from MCreativeJ again

Amy York

Landscapes- Peel Stick and Stitch Hand Embroidery Designs

Mayra V.
this shop never disappoints!

As all ways, this shop never disappoints! Its always has awesome designs that are easy for beginners to use. These patches were super fun to use!